Hey all! Denver Comic Con was amazing!  I have lots of fun updates, I’d love to go into more detail, but here are the basics!

I’ve shipped just about all of the MGTZ kickstarter rewards, except for a few items I am still waiting to receive!

I have my 2nd annual art show this year!  Please see above!  It will be for the month of July at 11th Ave Gallery and primarily feature original art, which is essentially a first for me!

I’ve been on and will continue to be a few podcasts and media outlets.  Keep posted on my social media for that!

MGTZ film project things are still in the works!  Hooray!

I received 2 pieces of my first fan art, by 2 nice young ladies at Denver Comic Con!  They even gave me permission to post them!  Can’t wait!

I’m was invited to be a part of Fashion Denver’s SPLASH Summer Fashion Market on 7/20/14!  I’m so excited about this outlet, you don’t even know!

More to come!  Thanks friends!