Scary Christmas, Gals and Ghouls!  Having the Holiday Special this year has been a fun run and I have been really happy with everything.  We’ve seen some of the most  interest in our art [and I say “hour” because so many people participate in this comics nonsense with me].  As I type this, it is almost 2 am on the morning of December 22, the second day of winter and three days before Christmas.  I suppose that means that we only have a few days while the Holiday Special is still relevant.  So, I figure I should give it all I’ve got!

If you haven’t seen it yet, the video is actually embedded to this page to the right or above what you are reading now.  We have gotten a ton of great feedback, some of which is noted in the image above.  The URL shortcut, however, is:

I’ve made a Facebook event page, which I’ve used to invite most everyone I know, and provide information on the film.  In fact, you can stream the movie from that page itself, which follows.  I would greatly appreciate it if you were also to invite those you know to that event page, so they can get that information.

Next, I’ve decided to post an abridged version of the Christmas soundtrack [not the regular soundtrack, which we released last summer] to Bandcamp for you to download for free!  Get it here:


Basically, I left off the tracks which I don’t have the rights to give away and just a few of the public domain ones.  If you’d like, download that version and then buy the tracks from the Jekylls, Huntingtons, and Grave Robber direct from them, or on Amazon.  In fact, you can get the Grave Robber track free from Rottweiler Records at http://noisetrade.com/fndbestof/best-of-fleas-naughty-dog as a part of their own free Christmas Record.  If you’re into heavy metal, hardcore, punk, and rockabilly, you’ll especially enjoy that one.  Visit http://thejekylls.com to get their track, First Song About Santa, as well as Jingle Bells and Mele Kalikimaka for a buck ninety-eight!  The Huntingtons track, “It’s Always Christmas At My House,” is probably most easily purchased from iTunes or Amazon off of their record “Punk Sounds.”  Honestly, I would rather you buy these tracks directly from them so that they get more money and then get the other songs from me for free.  There are also a couple tracks from the Nutcracker suite, which you can pretty much get anywhere, even for free.  But all in all, if you bought the Huntingtons track and the three Jekylls ones, you’d be getting our whole record for $3, as well as the rest of “Fleas Naughty Dog,” for free.  Not bad, I suppose!



For you collector’s out there, I also have a unique product for you.  I have assembled a very limited quantity of the the movie, with special features including the trailer, Black Friday Ad, my behind the scenes segment, and an alternate cut music video with “It’s Christmas,” by the Chucks.  These are completely DIY, burned and labeled at home by myself [and some help from my daughter]!  The labels are also black and white because I only print B&W at home- but I think that lends to the DIY aesthetic.  They come with a sticker and are packaged in a recycled cardboard sleeve.  You can purchase them for only $10 at:

I’m trying to throw everything festive at you which I can, since it’s just fun that way.  We have lots more fun things planned for the coming year of 2015, but I think that what we have accomplished in 2014 has been really great!  I am culminating it all with the first diary styled comic, of which I will post the last page on Christmas Eve.  I hope you enjoy these, too.

Thank you everybody for participating in this dream with me!