It’s crazy for me to believe the press I have gotten in recent years. Here is a selection of the great ones!

Great interview conducted by Heather Omen with the Horror Nation!  I’d really be happy if you read it since I got to answer so many great questions!

Examiner interview from Fashion Denver’s Summer Splash event!

You can read my GoodReads author interview just there!

R-Squared Comicz ran a really fun interview with me in 2012, where I was able to talk about everything about me and comics! More than you’d ever want to know!


I was interviewed on the second episode of First Appearances podcast!  They asked great interview questions and we got to touch on some great topics!

During Denver Comic Con, Josh from Points of Interest did an interview, right on the con floor at my artist alley table.  It was great!  It starts around the 23 minute mark.  The rest of the podcast is their recap on the con, so make sure not to miss the rest of it!

I was on Mouth Wash, of Geek Street Society Radio, the “#1 Geek Morning Show.”  We had a great talk, actually.
[The link appears to be down, so e-mail them and ask for it!]

My publisher, Brett Burner, and I were in an interview on Faith Radio regarding our presence at San Diego Comic Con International 2012.  This aired on SEVEN different FM stations in Alabama and surrounding states!  [I always thought doing music would get me on the radio, little did I know it would be comics!]

Back in 2009, I was featured on the Geek Tragedy podcast while I was exhibiting at APE 2009.  They were really cool and you should listen to them!  Check it out, Batton Lash and Emily Martin are on that one, too!

The first segment includes a review of the My Gal, the Zombie Autumn ’13 Special.

One of my favorite podcasts is the Aw Yeah Podcast with Art Baltazar, Franco, and John Siuntres.  I have not exactly been on it, but on issue 39, they read one of my letters and discussed it in detail, gave me a shout out, complemented me and my art [Art even said he’d pass it on to his editor at DC Comics!], and discussed my questions for like 20 minutes! John Siuntres even called it the “Dan Conner segment of the podcast!”


Great review of the MGTZ graphic novel!  It actually appears on a few websites!

A Flame In The Dark gave a nice plug for the upcoming Grave Robber Meets My Gal, the Zombie comic!

I did a guest post for Reading With Pictures- with words and pictures!

The folks at Mile High Comics exhibit kindness to me beyond what I would expect.  In this newsletter, they included a bio and photo of me [as well as all the other guests at their 2014 Denver Comic Con Pre-Party].  They also have me mentioned among a select group of guests on their front page and in http://www.milehighcomics.com/newsletter/052114email.html they even listed me with and described me as one of the celebrity guests!  How about that!?!

The first coverage Heather Omen of the Horror Nation did of my work.

Gina Desmond with Geeking 4 Everyone gave a great review of MGTZ

Beth Davies-Stofka provided a very encouraging review of Heaven Forbid vol 2!

From March 2011, Kris Bather provided a very encouraging review of Heaven Forbid vol 1 with Sight Magazine in Australia! Check it out here:

Her Comics gave a very encouraging Heaven Forbid review before the first book even came out! Check out this link and keep up with the Her Comics blog!

Bleeding Cool article on the MGTZ Kickstarter


Presley of ActOutGames.com did a great video review of the MGTZ Denver Comic Con/Mile High Comics exclusive!

Kathy Bottarini of Comic Book Box in Rohnet Park, CA, filmed a really fun video interview of me when I did a signing there.  It is above!

C.J. Hacket of the Red Headed Zombie Show conducted this great interview with me at Comic Art Fest 2012

Lair of Wonders caught a great video of me and Allen Bellman, golden age comic legend.

I was on a clip about Comic Con last summer on Denver’s NBC 9 News, you’ll see me on this link, about two minutes in. Just a photograph of me in the video interview, still cool!


During early 2012 I had my first time in the Westword [online version], at the debut of my artwork featured at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave! If you didn’t know about it, I did the focus piece of the new 2012 exhibit called, “Buffalo Bill Super Hero.” It was up through January 2013 and features some up to 100 year old pulps, dime novels, and comics as it analyzes how Buffalo Bill influenced the modern super hero archetype.