I was going to replace the previous www.crazygoodcomics.com, which I primarily coded on my own [I did utilize php code I found for the actual webcomic display], with this new WordPress one when I hit my 550th webcomic post towards the end of May. But, after designing this one, including ads, and whatnot, I decided to just “go live” sooner. The domain still forwards to the actual WordPress address [i may replace that at some point, probably will], so it might take a second or two to load- I’m not finding it to be a problem. Please let me know if it is, or doesn’t load, or any of the above.

The old site is still available and at present, I am not loading all 540 previous comics to the new site. [I actually did load everything from 500 on, so that there was a good body of work on this one already]. But, I have an exceedingly easy “Archive #1-550″ page, from which it will take you to a slightly reformatted version of the old site, where you can read everything. I will, however, stop posting comics to the old one with #550.

You’ll notice this is the first time I have included ads on my site. I figured that now I have enough content to justify them. I’m sort of embarrassed that I’ll soon have 550 webcomics posted. [They’ve actually been finished for a while…] Sort of proud, but also, that is kind of a lot. At first I included “safe for work” ads, but I still didn’t care for some of them, so I changed it to “kid friendly” ones. I actually find these newer ones more interesting, anyway. We’ll see how it goes.

I’ve also included the new “donate” button. I’m not asking for money, but I will admit that there are many expenses, especially related to posting 3 pages of a comic each week, for free, for four years. Just this morning, I was discussing with my wife how it doesn’t look like we can go to an upcoming convention because we just cannot afford it [especially the travel]. I hate that. I’m not complaining, I just wish I could get to every convention! Please know that at present, any donations made will go directly into the actual comics I draw, my comic based ministry [including conventions etc], or maybe even feeding my family.

The good side for you is that for a donation of $10 or more, I’ll send you a personal “thank you” card in the mail which will include a one of a kind sketch done specifically for you on that card. It will probably be Heaven Forbid related. I’d like to do it for less, but there are paypal fees, postage, and such, so I figure that the $10 is worth it for everyone. Just think! If only 10 readers donated $10 each, that could totally pay for a table at most cons!

Thank you very much for reading! Please do share this new site with people you know!