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VOLUME1COVERIn the short time which I’ve been doing My Gal, the Zombie comics, they have been one of the most successful in my over ten year career!

It’s the zombie take on Heaven Forbid, which has been running here since 2009.  I first did a zombie illustration of the main character, Chelsea, in January 2013 for the Red Headed Zombie awards show.  Since Chelsea is a redhead, it was a perfect fit!  The image really took off and I even won my first art award for that piece!

During the summer of 2013, I did a couple mini comics, which all sold out rather quickly.  Then I did the Summer Special compact comic, in a few printings, all of which have sold out.  This was followed by the Autumn 13 Special, which features my full color collaborations with Dan Parent [Betty & Veronica, Kevin Keller], Chad Blakely [Kidnapping Kevin Smith, The Con Job], Batton Lash [Archie: Freshman Year, Supernatural Law], and Stephanie Mided [Scout].  The most recent published story was in A Very Zombie Christmas #5, from my good friends at Antarctic Press.



After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first MGTZ graphic novel, Everyone Loves a Green Skinned Girl. will be released this year by Lamp Post.  It will include all of the MGTZ stories published to date and fun special features and even activities.  Guest art will include all of the previously mentioned artists, plus Riki Takaoka [Maiden Voyage], Jason Montoya [Abigail: Curses & Demons], Xaq Bazit [Souled, Grimm Fairy Tales Hunters], Gerry Mulowayi [Constructs], and more!

But, My Gal, the Zombie isn’t just a comic!  I have been able to expand this imagery to be used on a variety of items, including post cards, mirror compacts, metal card cases, hot sauce, and even eye shadow!


The Kickstarter also included a soundtrack, which features some of the best in psychobilly, horror punk, and other genres evoked by the comic.

My Gal, the Zombie: Mesmerizing Music for Morbid Monsters will feature the following:
Dance Zombies Dance by Dead by Dawn [brand new horror punk from the UK]
Where Were You by The Jekylls [new retro 60’s rock from Denver]
Human Fly Trap (Our Hero Escapes From Venus) by Blaster the Rocket Man [long out of print horror punk otherness]
Zombies by Sick City Daggers [rare psychobilly]
Surfside by Ghost Storys [rare surf psychobilly]
Romance Until I Die by The Nobody Elses [out of print horror country]
El Diablo Tacos Are The Best by Destroy Nate Allen [folk punk from Portland]
I, Zombie by Grave Robber [horror punk from Fort Wayne]
Dead Love by Soul Daddy [brand new hip hop track from Denver]
2,000 Leagues by The Tromatons [brand new horror punk from Chicago]
Dawn of the Deadbeats by Crush the Enemy [rare thrash from San Antonio]
Haunted Heart Remix by Concombre Zombi [new remix psychobilly from Austin]
When I Get Over You by Huntingtons [rare American punk rock]
[track list subject to change and more to come!]


From here, we will continue to make new products, comics, and exciting items for you to enjoy!