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My Gal the Zombie: Everyone Loves a Green Skinned Girl, out June 2014


[divided by story in publication order]
First MGTZ drawing
Fashion Zombies
Plants Vs My Gal, the Zombie
Collaborations and Pin Ups (includes Dan Parent, Chad Blakely, Stephanie Mided, Batton Lash)
Purby Vs. Tippy
Disguise Dilemma
Guest Art & Pin Ups (includes Jason Montoya, Riki Takaoka, Gerry Mulowayi)
MGTZ vs. the Belznickle
Jerry the Werewolf
Activities, Guest Art, & Pin Ups (Includes Jake Roth, Jeff Shultz, Montos)
Little Red Zombie Hood


My Gal, the Zombie Mini Comic [Sold Out]
Plants vs. My Gal, the Zombie San Diego Comic Con Exclusive [Sold Out]
My Gal, the Zombie Summer 13 Special [Sold Out]
My Gal, the Zombie Autumn 13 Special
A Very… Zombie Christmas #5 (Featuring My Gal, the Zombie), published by Antarctic Press
My Gal, the Zombie Free Comic Book Day Special [Out of Stock]
The Comix Paper (Featuring My Gal, the Zombie), Published by Denver Drink and Draw
Uncanny Adventures: Science/Mad Science (Featuring My Gal, the Zombie) published by 8th Wonder Press
Mile High Comics/Denver Comic Con MGTZ Exclusive [Coming Soon]
Mr. X Comics MGTZ Exclusive [Coming Soon]


My Gal, the Zombie is really taking off! In the short time which I’ve had this property, it has been one of the most successful in my over ten year career in comics! I was asked to submit something to the Red Headed Zombie Award Show, an art and concert show promoter run by CJ Hacket in Colorado Springs, at the end of 2012. I submitted a zombie drawing of Chelsea from Heaven Forbid, in a style influenced by Dan DeCarlo. It especially fit, since Chelsea is a redhead. It ended up winning one of their awards in January 2013 and they also used the art for one of their fliers. I was quite happy!

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