Gals and Ghouls! We made a movie! If you’re seeing this, you’re awesome and YOU get to take advantage of our advance purchase pre-order sale!

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This is for real! It’s an hour and a half, retro styled holiday special, starring Justine McKinney ( Slaughterhouse Derby Girls ) as Our Gal, the Zombie! See her host the best, worst, and most bizarre Christmas shorts!

Guest starring Vincent Price, including in the skit, “My Gal, The Zombie meets Vincent Price,” which you MUST see to believe!

Features musical guest Grave Robber and an opening theme by the Jekylls!

Plus an animated My Gal, the Zombie intro and motion comic of “My Gal, the Zombie versus the Belznickle,” [with Justine providing all the voices!], which is featured in this year’s “A Very… Zombie Christmas” graphic novel from Antarctic Press as well as the MGTZ graphic novel from Lamp Post!

The list of shorts includes:
Santa Claus Conquers the Martians Trailer
Santa Claus Meets the Fairy Snow Queen
“Hooray for Santa Claus” My Gal the Zombie photo montage video

K. Gordon Murray’s Santa Claus (aka Santa vs. Satan) Trailer
Nobody Elses music video featuring footage from Santa vs. Satan

Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol” featuring Vincent Price
Max Fleischer’s “Somewhere in Dreamland”
Max Fleisher’s “Christmas Comes But Once A Year”

It’s everything you LOVE and HATE about the holidays, all rolled into one!

The soundtrack features all of the music in the movie, including songs from the included features, such as selections from the Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, traditional carols, and rare classics.
Beyond that, it also features rockin’ tunes from
The Huntingtons
@Grave Robber
The Jekylls
The Chucks
and the Nobody Elses!
it is on HairBall8 Records and can also be purchased at