Guess what friends, I’m the featured artist at this month!  I’m even on the front page of their site, pretty awesome!  They conducted a great interview in which I really enjoyed participating.  You can read it at  I got to share about a ton of things, they really conducted a great interview!  I’ve also done an exclusive print as a reward in their IndieGoGo campaign, which you can get at

I was also on Mouth Wash, on Geek Street Society Radio, the “#1 Geek Morning Show,” which you can enjoy at  We had a great talk, actually.  I really enjoyed it and they’ve invited me to come back sometime!

I’ve also been getting some nice promotion from my friends at Mile High Comics in connection to appearing at their Denver Comic Con Pre-Party.  I was really blessed when I saw that they included a bio and photo of me with their list of guests in their recent newsletter  I’ve heard that newsletter goes out to around 100,000 people or something!  They also have me listed on their front page in promotion of the event and I cannot think of a better retailer in any industry than Mile High Comics.  I’m especially excited that Batton Lash, Allen Bellman, Andy Moore, and Jessi Jordan will be there.

I was one of the winners in the 2nd annual Denver Westword Comics Issue, for a MGTZ comic which I’ve not even run here yet.  In fact, it is a slightly modified from what will appear in my own publications.  Chelsea looks a little more stylized zombie wise.  Like last year, I’m not in the print issue, but my strip is online, here

I did one of the illustrations for the Aurora Rise Sketchbook Vol 2.  They are a nonprofit to help the victims of the Aurora Theater Shooting.  I did an illustration for Justice League United #1 which was really fun to do.  It will be for sale at Denver Comic Con and includes art by George Perez, Matt Wagner, and other big names, but of course, the best piece in it is by Jake Roth.  You can preview selections from it at