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Hey y’all…

There’s been so much going on lately, it’s hard to keep on top of things! I haven’t done a blog post since December! I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to do a new page on my site with some recent publicity I’ve been getting [and add some previous ones, too]. Not sure when I’ll get to it, so I think I’ll post some here:

Most recent, photo by Javid Rezvani as featured on the Westword Blog

This one is from the 2nd Saturday event at Wazee Union on March 10, 2012. It was an awesome show! I love this photo and it is on the front page of the link above! I think a glimpse of me is in a few other pictures in the series, too. I really like how this picture captures me and some of my new paintings and pretty much all my books!


And just over a month ago, here was my first time in the Westword [online version], at the debut of my artwork featured at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave! If you didn’t know about it, I did the focus piece of the new 2012 exhibit called, “Buffalo Bill Super Hero.” It’ll be up through January 2013 and features some up to 100 year old pulps, dime novels, and comics as it analyzes how Buffalo Bill influenced the modern super hero archetype.

If you’ve talked about comics with me personally [or seen much of my art…], you probably know that I’m a big Blindwolf Studios fan! I love the comics by Art Baltazar and Franco, especially Tiny Titans and Patrick the Wolfboy. It seems that year after year, my favorite comic of the year turns out to be one of theirs. Their Aw Yeah podcast is also my favorite podcast! Anyway, I wrote a letter to them, which they read on the air, gave me a shout out, complemented me and my art [see above- Art even said he’d pass it on to his editor at DC Comics!], and discussed my questions for like 20 minutes! John Siuntres even called it the “Dan Conner segment of the podcast!” If you’ve not listened to their podcast before, you should check out that Episode, #39 “Grab Your Hammers!”
They also just released the last issue of their landmark series, Tiny Titans #50, so make sure to pick up your copy before they sell out!


If you’ve missed them, check out these others:


I was on a clip about Comic Con last summer on Denver’s NBC 9 News, you’ll see me on this link, about two minutes in. Just a photograph, not video of me, still cool:
Phil “Wonder” Porto is an awesome rapper from Florida. He contacted me last year about doing some artwork for him and has been displaying it online for a while. It always makes me happy to see on his profile.
I’ll admit, I’ve never been much of a hip hop fan, but when he sent me a couple of his records, I couldn’t stop listening to them! Listening to one is pretty much like hearing a Bible study on top of beats and samples that sound better and more diverse that what I hear in mainstream rap, while also dropping tons of fun references. Even if rap isn’t your thing, I promise you, checking his stuff out will leave you encouraged!

I’ve had it linked on my site, but in case you’ve missed it, R-Squared Comicz ran a really fun interview with me last fall, where I pretty much got to talk about everything about me and comics! More than you’d ever want to know! Make sure to check it out!
Do you subscribe to the Mile High Comics newsletter, which typically gives you a promo code for steep [up to 60% off!] discounts of their massive inventory? You should [I have a hard time not spending all my $$ because of those deals!] If you do, you may see me mentioned now and then. The first link is a photo from the Halloween party 2011, where I debuted an exclusive mini comic. I’m technically in a cowboy costume, but the only difference is the handkerchief and how I trimmed my beard into awesome sideburns connecting to a mustache!
The second one has info about the dream-come-true deal-of-a-lifetime signing we got to do with Chris Claremont! It was so cool! I think I was the next closest artist to him!
I do regular signings and events at their stores, where I typically give free sketches and make new friends. Their new mega store is amazing and you need to give them your business if you buy comics, and you probably do, if you’re reading this.

From March 2011, Kris Bather provided a very encouraging review of Heaven Forbid vol 1 with Sight Magazine in Australia! Check it out here:

This one is actually from a couple years ago, but Her Comics continues to show support of my work online. I really like what they’re about. They gave a very encouraging Heaven Forbid review before the first book even came out! Check out this link and keep up with the Her Comics blog!

I was featured in article in the Spring 2010 issue of Gateway Magazine. I even got to draw a full color comic for them!
You can read a pdf of it at

Before these, I was featured on the Geek Tragedy podcast while I was exhibiting at APE 2009. They were really cool and you should listen to them! Check it out, here:
Batton Lash, I believe, was on that one, too!

That’s it for today, friends!