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Please note that HF2 and HF3 occur concurrently.
They are organized by types of story and highlight different parts of characters' lives.
If you read through the strips in numerical order, it fits the chronology.
The archive, however, is organized by story arch/book. The method to the madness may also be quite mad, itself.

"HF3: Journey Into Her Story" [in progress]:

ch 3= Gobble, Gobble, Hey!
ch 4 part 1= There...
ch 4 part 2= ...and Back Again
ch 5= For You in Full Awesome!
ch 6= Yo Gobble Gobble
500th Celebration
ch 7= This is Another Chapter in This Book
ch 8= A Conspiracy That is Crucial
bonus ch 9= Dream of a Bit Rare Friend
bonus ch 10= Going Steady with Chelsea!

"HF2: Awkward For Everyone" [complete]:

What's With This Jesus Thing?
Fantastic Four Panel Funnies
We Could Produce Very Formidable Progeny
Crazy Good Christmas 2011! [and such]
Chelsea's Meaning of Life
Wigging Out!

"HF1.5: Unorganized Religion"
[this is similar to "director's cut" material. most is not currently published in any book.]
Production Art
Contra La Computadora
Novemberish One & Two Pagers [includes FIF tribute]
Heaven Forbid in Japanese!
Ancient, pin ups, ads, and guest art

"HF1: Not Getting Religion" [complete]:

Please keep in mind that these can be considered a "first draft" of the books which will see print.
I actually end up making a fair amount of changes to the final print (and ebook) versions.
I do this so that the web comic and print comic are separate visions, with independent reasons to read each.
The chapter divisions generally mirror the books, with some exceptions.

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