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Dan Conner lives in Denver, well Lakewood, Colorado, with the wonderful blessings in his life, his wife and daughter. He has been working in the comics industry for over ten years.

Dan has been a guest artist at the Charles M. Schulz Museum and has artwork featured at the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave. He has had artwork in 11th Ave Gallery, Wazee Union, and a variety of other galleries. He has done art and comics for Mile High Comics, Five Iron Frenzy, HairBall8 Records, Gateway Magazine, Scum of the Earth, Rise Above Ministries, Wonder [hip hop artist], the Megazine, Antarctic Press, and more.

He has had the following graphic novels published:

From Lamp Post
Heaven Forbid: Not Getting Religion
Heaven Forbid: Awkward for Everyone
Heaven Forbid: Journey Into Her Story
Maiden Voyage: Looking for Adventure, Finding Monsters
My Gal, the Zombie: Everyone Loves a Green Skinned Girl

From ABDO Publishing/Magic Wagon [the following are graphic novel adaptations on which Dan was the writer]
A Midsummer Night’s Dream [with Rod Espinosa of Courageous Princess]
King Lear [with Ben Dunn of Marvel Mangaverse]
The Tempest [with Cynthia Martin of Star Wars]
Dracula [with Rod Espinosa of Courageous Princess]
The Picture of Dorian Gray [with Chris Allen]

From Hachette Books/Franklin Watts
Dracula (UK Graphic Chillers Edition) [with Rod Espinosa of Courageous Princess]

From Antarctic Press
Pirates Vs. Ninjas: It Takes a Pillage [short stories in an anthology]

Heaven Forbid has been his primary comic project for almost 4 years. It is the longest running webcomic of its kind. It has had some great reviews, too.



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Dan Conner is the creator of ten graphic novels, including Heaven Forbid, My Gal the Zombie, Maiden Voyage, [published by Lamp Post] Graphic Horror: Dracula [published by Abdo and Hachette Books], and Pirates vs. Ninjas [published by Antarctic Press]! His artwork has been featured at the Charles Schulz, Cartoon Art, and Buffalo Bill museums. He has created artwork for Five Iron Frenzy, HairBall8 Records, Mile High Comics, and others. As an editor, Dan has worked on Parable, Pakkins’ Land, and The Cardinal. www.crazygoodcomics.com


Dan Conner is the author of ten published graphic novels, the most recent being My Gal, the Zombie.  His art has been featured in multiple museums and galleries, including the Denver Art Museum and 11th Avenue Gallery.  Visit www.crazygoodcomics.com for more information!


Dan Conner is known around the world for creating comics which appeal to audiences of all ages! His most recent comic project, My Gal, the Zombie, is his most successful project to date and marks the publication of his tenth graphic novel.  Products in the My Gal, the Zombie line include comics, an official soundtrack on Hairball 8 Records, a graphic novel published by Lamp Post Inc., cosmetics, fashion accessories, and even hot sauce!  His very first My Gal, the Zombie illustration was a 2013 RHZ Award recipient.  A live action film project is also in production with Stay Sick Pictures.
Five of his graphic novels, including Graphic Horror: Dracula (which was published in North America by Abdo Publishing and in Europe and Australia by Hachette Books), appear on the Accelerated Reader book list. Lamp Post Inc. and Antarctic Press have published the majority of his independent comics, including Heaven Forbid, Maiden Voyage, and Pirates vs. Ninjas.  Museums where he has been a guest artist include the Denver Art Museum, Charles M. Schulz Museum and Research Center, the Cartoon Art Museum, World of Wonder Children’s Museum, and the Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave. Many art galleries have displayed his work, especially Denver Colorado’s Wazee Union and 11th Ave Gallery. He has also done artwork for Mile High Comics, Five Iron Frenzy, HairBall8 Records, The Comix Paper, Gateway Magazine, Scum of the Earth, Rise Above Ministries, Our Corpse Destroyed, Cleopatra in Space and more. As an editor, Dan has worked on many other comic properties, including Parable, Pakkins’ Land, and the Angels and Airwaves Love Graphic Novel. You can read nearly 700 pages of his comics and learn more about him at www.crazygoodcomics.com!



Heaven Forbid [HF] is the longest running faith based narrative webcomic of its kind.

My Gal, the Zombie [MGTZ] is the monster comedy take on Heaven Forbid. It has not featured overt religious themes.

Since 2009, I have posted between one and five comic pages per week without ever missing a week.
There is also neat guest art by cartoonists from all throughout the industry. Before Heaven Forbid, my first ongoing webcomic series was titled Life Quest and was posted during 2002-2003.

From 2009-2013, I drew 3 full Heaven Forbid graphic novels, which have been published by Lamp Post.
This consisted of 550 webcomic pages. In fact, it would have been more posts than this, but some of the last were crammed into two comic pages per post, to end on the even 550.

While working on Journey Into Her Story [HF3], I experimented with artistic influences from Dan DeCarlo, as can be seen in a few pieces in that book and the webcomic. One of these was even done in a zombie style, specifically for the 2013 Red Headed Zombie Show awards. Chelsea is a redhead. Monsters are fun. It was simple. The piece actually won one of their awards that year. I continued to receive positive reactions for that piece and so when I wanted to shift gears after finishing Journey, I tried a story in this style. I decided on the title, My Gal, the Zombie, and found that it was the best selling HF comic I’d done yet. I guess using popular themes in comics helps! I have continued with the MGTZ stories since then and suppose that I will continue to do so as long as is expedient.

Essentially, the Heaven Forbid proper revolves around a group of young adults, many of whom are straight edge, into the punk rock scene, and Christian culture. Although not directly intended to be so, Chelsea Checkers has become the primary character in most of the stories. Much of Heaven Forbid relates to her struggling rock band, The Turkish Delights, and her struggling romance with their bassist, Carter Means.

People have often asked what the purpose is of posting a webcomic for free when you are also trying to sell books. I believe that book readers and webcomic readers have different qualities. Webcomics are very personal. You can comment directly on a post and I will interact with you. Books are less personal. Beyond that, I see webcomics as very fluid. I can change things easily. Books are less fluid. With the exception of different book editions, once a book is printed, there’s no going back.

I see a webcomic as a work in progress. I actually tend to make many changes, probably on just about every page, before I go to press with a finished graphic novel. I don’t always know what to anticipate. I often change art and dialogue on a page in the final version. For HF2 and especially HF3, I considered all of the pages which I had drawn and how they influenced a complete narrative. I added pages which influenced a cohesive story. In most circumstances, I have not made these changes in the webcomic. Doing so can take things out of order and/or just become confusing. But, that is another reason to read the finished books. They tell the same story. The narrative has not been changed, although wording and some scenes have. There are also various pieces of art which are in print, but were never posted online and webcomic pages which have not been printed in a book.

You must ask yourself, “This worked for a serialized narrative, but does it work for a self contained book?” I realize that with the webcomic, you have all 550 pages of HF 1 thru 3 at your disposal. My hope is to gain new readers with each book, however, who may not have seen the previous. I want to accommodate those new readers.