Here’s one of my #Favorite illustrations!  It’s a My Gal, the Zombie piece by Golden Age comic artist, Allen Bellman!  I’ve been able to get to know him quite well over the past few years.

He is best known at this time for his early work on Captain America.  However, he spent much of the 50’s drawing pre-code horror, crime, and romance comics.  In fact, I first came in contact with his art through his romance work for Lev Gleason.  You may know that 1950’s romance and horror comics are among my favorites to collect.

He worked personally with Stan Lee, Dan DeCarlo, Al Jaffee, and many other comics legends in the Marvel/Timely bullpen of the 40’s, so this piece is especially unique.  He drew it this year and I am not aware of any other instances of a golden age artist doing an illustrations for a comic by my generation of cartoonists.  I may end up coloring it, but if I do, I still want to preserve his pencils as a separate piece.

You can see lots of the title pages from his 50’s work for Marvel/Timely at

His personal website is

Here is a photo of me and him, at the Denver Comic Con where we first met, when he signed my copy of Boy Meets Girl #4, from 1950!