This piece is especially fun since it is the direct market comic shop variant cover to the My Gal, the Zombie graphic novel!  Lamp Post is working with Antarctic Press, who has solicited the book to comicbook shops world wide, through this month’s Diamond Previews.  What’s really neat about this is that the variant cover is by Ben Dunn, of Marvel Mangaverse, Warrior Nun Areala, Ninja High School, and many more.  In fact, he drew the adaptation of King Lear and some Pirates vs. Ninjas stories I wrote.  But beyond that, he was also the first person to do manga styled comics in the US and was one of my favorite artists when I was in high school.

Here is a photo of the Diamond Previews Catalog listing.

Make sure to tell your local comics shop to order you a copy AND another few to keep on the shelves!