I really like this cover!  It has some fun history as I originally drew it two years ago.  I liked it so much, I reworked it for a My Gal, the Zombie cover last year.  But, nw I see that I while I posted the larger art at that time, I never posted the version with the logo and such which saw print on last year’s Autumn Special.  I have found it interesting that the Autumn Special continued to sell well throughout the year.  For instance, I sold a few copies of the Zombie Christmas issue that had an MGTZ story throughout the year.  However, I continued to sell out of the Autumn Special at cons!  I also like that it is at the “compact” format [smaller than a digest], which I’ve also found sells well.  It’s a great size to throw in a bag, purse, or pocket.  I’m looking forward to doing another comic at this size, but I’m not sure what it will be at this time.

I have a VERY limited supply of these left [like less than ten copies!], with no plans to reprint this issue in that format.  I always tell people this comic is especially fun since it has 12 full color pages which are in black and white in the My Gal, the Zombie graphic novel.  It even includes guest art collaborations by Dan Parent (Betty and Veronica, Kevin Keller), Batton Lash (Supernatural Law, Archie Meets the Punisher), Stephanie Mided (Scout), and Chad Blakely (Kidnapping Kevin Smith).  You can snatch up one of those last copies here:

Another note is that this image is styled after Clara Bow, early Hollywood silent film star.  There are some great black and white photos you can find of her.  Apparently, she was an influence on Betty Boop.  You can find that original photo here: http://www.ethicsoup.com/2009/10/a-halloween-prayer-and-a-halloween-poem.html

Happy October, my friends!