Here it is! The first page of this new comic run I’m doing. I’ll admit that I really am very excited about it. As of the time I write this, I’ve nearly finished my 7th page in this story. I’m finding that the pages are taking longer to draw than my typical “Heaven Forbid” style. But, I am purposely putting a lot more detail in and setting up the pages and panels quite differently. You’ll also notice that these pages are not colored or even gray scale toned. A couple reasons for this. I think that this style might hold with line art better than my usual style. I may color them or use a simplistic toning style at some point. I would kind of like to print them in color. I’m going to do a mini comic of this story for Denver Comic Con, kind of last minute. As of Monday night, with the convention pre-party on Thursday, I need to finish 3 more pages, print, and staple them. I believe I can do it.

You may also notice that I’ve made the switch from the url being to just The wp folder was what I used to test it out. Now, of course, this is the official site and so I moved it to the domain. The challenge with this was that when I made the change, there were a variety of things which did not transfer smoothly and I needed to change a few things manually to make it function. I think it is completely functioning now, we’ll see.

I may do some posts about these fixes in case someone else needs this information at some point. We’ll see. Thanks for reading.